San Juan Holistic Healthcare

Mark W. Earnhart, D.C


    • In our office we use Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to give us an insight into the electrical portion of who we are as human beings.  Using acupuncture meridians and other reflex points we can test for overloads in the electrical system of the body to help us assess your health.  This, combined with questionnaires and lab work, gives us a good basis for assessing your health and to help us find solutions for your health issues.
    • Spinal adjustments with gentle light for instruments as well as manual adjustments depending on the need and desire of the patient. Structural balance is the basis of Chiropractic treatments. If we have structural imbalances that change neurological communication, we get not only pain but dysfunction elsewhere in the body.
    • Laser therapy
    • Percussion
    • Injury Recall Technique – Any time we have an injury, our nervous system recalls and maintains memory of the events that happen in our lifetime. Injury Recall Technique is an examination and treatment designed to locate and eliminate the memory associated with each specific injury.
    • Muscle response testing
    • Nutritional analysis – We use questionnaires, muscle response testing and lab work to look at nutritional deficiencies and determine the optimum way to use nutritionals supplementation to heal and maintain your body’s health.
    • Diets – Our office use several different diets to help our patient’s get rid of excess weight. Debbie Cutting runs the Ideal Protein program in our office with great success.
    • Supplements – Our office carries Nutri-West supplements. These supplements are pharmaceutical grade and made to the most exacting standards in the industry. They are made in Douglas,Wyoming. Nutri-West was given the Blue Ribbon award by the State of Wyoming for manufacturing. We have used these supplements since 2001 and like them so much, we became distributors for them in 2014. Our territory includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska and all of Canada. Dr. Earnhart spends many weekends teaching workshops and seminars on nutritional supplementation to other practitioners in this area. For more information on these supplements go to: