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Methylation Cycle Assessment and Treatment with Functional Muscle Testing

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016

Learn from Practitioner, Author & Methylation Pioneer – Dr. J Dunn

Learn How to Find and Work with Methylation Defects and Their Vital Role in Many Chronic Health Conditions

Dr. Dunn has successfully blended the best of applied Kinesiology, clinical Kinesiology, various muscle response testing methods, and others into her own trademarked system known as “Wholistic Kinesiology”.
Assessment and evaluation of underlying genetic defects through Kinesiology will allow the practitioner to truly get to the causes of disease before they start. We have all been working on patients who don’t respond as we like or who continually struggle with the same health issues.
If you are not looking at the genetic profile you could be treating symptoms and not true causes!
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